Adjustable Face Mask With Your Logo or Image

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We provide the best quality of vinyl printing no color fading and Eco-friendly direct to garment printing.

How to order:

1- Upload a photo of your logo or image

    Please ensure the image has a high resolution and good light for the best results.

2- Select your print location.

3-Continue with the checkout.

More Information
With a 95% dust barrier, you don't have to worry about your respiratory health
Unlike other polyester masks, cotton masks use layers to build a defense system, which can be used multiple times to prevent dust and air.
3D scientific cutting, hide meat to show thin, care about dust, more care about your beauty
How can ability show a face thinner? Fit the facial contour, add stereo clipping, face fat face wide, is no longer a problem, seconds smaller V face! 3D scientific cutting, hide meat to show thin, care about dust, more care about your beauty.

Free-breathing, very breathable really long wear not stuffy
Three-dimensional space design gives mouth, nose part enough breathing space, elastic cotton material, breathable not stuffy, let you free to breathe.
Adjustable tight and loose ear strap, comfortable
Continuous optimization of details, adjustable tight and loose ear belt, comfortable fit to face, no pressure mark on ear, reduce your sense of pressure, even if you wear it all day without earache.
Can be repeatedly washed, durable and not easily deformed
After washing is not easy to deformation, the color is firm and higher, the color is still like new, at least can be used repeatedly for more than a year.

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